Friday, May 29

Rave Craze

*I am using the beautiful work of Zindy,which you can purchase here,do not use unless you have a license to do so.
*Scrapkit is Rave Craze(PTU)from Gina here . I love this kit,so much to use and its very hip!! Thank you Gina :)

Mask of choice,I cannot share the one I am using.

Font of choice,I am using ideoma_SPRAY here
-This tutorial was written assuming you have working knowledge of PSP-

Open a 700x700 white image.

Paste frame 4,click inside the frame with your magicwand/selections/modify/expand 8

Paste paper14 under frame layer/selections/invert/delete

Paste danglecurtain2/resize 40%/delete

Paste tube/delete/deselect/dropshadow
Vertical 8
Horizonal 8
Opacity 75
Blur 12

Add same dropshadow to the danglecurtain.

Paste beads2,resize 30% Paste charm5,resize 40%/merge those 2 layers/add same dropshadow.

Paste button2,resize 40%/position/same dropshadow.

Paste ravegirl3,resize 50%/dropshadow
Vertical 5
Horizonal 5
Opacity 70
Blur 12

Hide white background/layers./merge/merge visible/unhide layer

Paste paper 4 under frame layer/apply mask of chioce/layers/merge/merge group

Paste wingbox1,resize 50%/same dropshadow.

Add dropshadow to frame layer
Vertical 8
Horizoanal 8
Opacity 72
Blur 13
Vertical -8
Horizoanl -8
Opacity 72
Blur 13

Paste musicnote2,resize 53%/dropshadow
Vertical -5
Horizonal 5
Opacity 70
Blur 12

Layers/merge/merge visible/image/resize all layers 35%
Add copyrughts.

Add name. Save.

Hope you enjoyed my tut,would love to see your results.


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