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*I am using the stunning work of Jessica Dougherty,which you can purchase here,do not use unless you have a license to do so.
*Scrapkit is Elegance from Sharon Becker Creations,which you can purchase here Gorgeous kit Sharon,thank you!
*Font of Choice,I am using Annebella here
*Mask of choice,the one I am using is from Essexgirl here,Braided-Star. Love all the masks,thank you for sharing:)
-This tutorial was written assuming you have working knowledge of PSP-
Open a 600x600 transparent image,flood fill white.
Copy&paste paper04 as a new layer. Then go to layers/masks from disc/apply your mask-settings:fit to canvas/invert transparency/hide all mask/source luminance.Then layers/merge group.
Copy&paste frame06,resize 60%. There should be just edges showing from your mask layer.
Take your magicwand,click inside the frame. Selctions/modify/expand by 5. Copy&paste paper08/selections/invert,delete/select none.
Move your frame to the top.
Select inside the frame again with the magicwand,using the same settings as before. Copy&paste your tube/invert/delete/add a dropshadow of v7/h7/op71/blur11. Move frame layer to the top.
Copy beads 01,paste on the left side of the frame,resize 60%,then go to layers/duplicate/images-mirror. Merge both bead layers together,add dropshadow v8/h8/op76/blur6,then image/free rotate 90* to the right.
Select bow01,paste on the left side of your tag,resize 60%/image/duplicate/mirror.
Postition bows on the last bead/Merge both layers together,add same dropshadow as we did the beads.
Copy butterfly01,resize 60%/pick tool/slant towards the right/dropshadow v8/h8/op76/blur6.
Select your frame layer,add the same dropshaow.
Layers/merge/merge visible.
Go to image/resize/all layers,80%.
Add all copyrights/name and save as jpg.
Hope you enjoyed my tut,Email me your results.

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