Wednesday, October 28

Spirit Of The Highlands

Scrapkit,Tube amd Teepee(a freebie) from Crystalex Designs,which you can purchase here,do not use unless you have a license to do so.

Template of choice,I am using Aqua Rebel's template 51 from Creative Misfits Creations here. Thank you Aqua Rebel!

Mask of choice,I am using WSL84 mask from Chelle here. Thank you Chelle!

Font of choice,I am using Blue Melody here.
-This tutorial was written assuming you have working knowledge of PSP-

Dropshadow for tut:
Vertical 6
Horizonal 6
Opacity 72
Blur 9

Open template/delete credit layer.

Highlight raster1 layer/paste paper5 as a new layer/layers/load save mask/load mask from disc/select mask/ok/layers/merge/merge group/layers/duplicate/position both.

Highlight raster 2 layer/selections/select all/float/defloat/paste paper 2 as a new layer/position/selections/invert/delete/deselect/right click on paper layer/merge/merge down to raster 2 layer.

Repeat with raster 3 layer.

Right click on copy of raster 7 layer/merge/merge down to raster 7/selections/select all/float/defloat/paste same paper 2 as a new layer/selections/invert/delete/merge down.

Highlight copy rater layer/right click/merge/merge down to raster 5 layer(total of 4 layers).

Selections/select all/float/defloat/edit/paste paper 10 into selection/deselect.
Right click on copy of raster 4/merge/merge down to orginal raster 4/flood fill white/selections/select all/float/defloat/paste element 10 on both sides/resize 20%/position/selections/invert/delete/deselect.

Paste element 5/resize 30%/layers/duplicate/position/dropshadow.

Paste bow1/resize 50%/edit/repeat resize/position to the left of the tag/layers/duplicate/image/mirror/dropshadow to both layers.

Paste teepee freebie/reisze 50%/position/dropshadow.

Moving up top paste element 15(wolf)as a new layer/resize 30%/position/dropshadow.

Paste close up tube/position/dropshadow.

Paste butterfly 5/resize 50%/edit/repeat resize/layers/duplicate/position both/dropshadow.

Layers/merge/merge visible.

Resize if desired.

Add copyrights.

Add name.
*For my name,I used paper7 for fill/black on foreground.

*Make sure to name your tag/save as jpeg,png etc.
Hope you enjoyed my tut,would love to see your results.


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