Sunday, November 15

Play Me A Lullaby

Tube is from Jay at Heartbeatz Creations and even though this tube isn't available,check out her many other awesome posers here.

Scrapkit is also from Jay,The 8th kit in her Twilight Series,Play Me A Lullaby Edward,check out her blog here and you can purchase this kit here.(at the time of this being posted,the kit is on sale!!) This kit is gorgeous Jay,just love it!! Thank you!!!!!
Mask of choice,I am using mask 159 from Insatiable Dreams here. Thank you for sharing!
Font of choice,I am using LL Cooper here.
-This tutorial was written assuming you have working knowledge of PSP-
Dropshadow for tut:
Vertical 5
Horizonal 5
Opacity 59
Blur 9

Open mask,minimize.

Open a new 600x600 white image.

Paste frame 2 as a new layer.

Paste paper 4 as a new layer below frame layer/right click/new mask layer/from image/select mask/ok/layers/merge/merge group/layers/duplicate 2 times/position.

Click inside your frame with the magicwand/selections/modify/expand by 6.
Paste paper 20 below frame layer/selections/invert/delete/do not deselect.
Paste element 7/position/delete/do not deselect.

Paste element 32/delete/do not deselect.

Paste tube/position/delete/deselect/apply dropshadow to last 3 layers.

Highlight tube layer/effects/photo effects/sepia toning/change settings to 80.
Hide masks layers and white background layer/layers/merge/merge visible/dropshadow/unhide layers.

Make sure merged layers is highlighted/layers/duplicate 2 times/rename 1,2 and 3/using pick tool/move layer 2 to the left alittle,layer 3 to the right and move layer 1 up top.

Right click on top layer/merge/merge down to last copy layer.

Paste element 34 below merged layers/position to the top left with your pick tool/layers/duplicate/image/mirror/image flip.

Paste element 22/resize 30%/image/free rotate to the right 90*/using pick tool position/layers/duplicate/image/flip.

Moving up top,paste element 14/resize 30%/layers/duplicate/position/dropshadow.

Paste element 42/resize 35%/layers/duplicate/position both/dropshadow.

Paste tube/resize if needed/position/dropshadow.

Paste element 37/resize 40%/edit/repeat resize/layers/duplicate/position both/dropshadow.

Layers/merge/merge visible.

Image/resize all layers 15%.

Add copyrights.

Add name.
*For my name,I used paper 9 for fill/black on foreground.

Hope you enjoyed my tut,would love to see your results.


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