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*I am using the work of Oren Kramek,which you can purchase here,do not use unless you have a license to do so.

Scriptkit is Bam Wham,you can purchase it here,awesome kit Kissy,tons to use! Thank you!
Kirsty mask9 here. Ty!

Eye Candy 4000-HSB Noise

Animation Shop

Font Isadora Cyr here
-This tutorial was written assuming you have working knowledge of PSP-

Open a 600x600 white image.

Paste string frame1,resize 35%,paste paper4 under frame,apply mask/layers/merge/merge group

Using your magicwand,click inside frame/selections/modify/expand 3/paste tube/selections/invert/delelte/deselect/add dropshadow
Vertical 6
Horizonal 6
Opacity 61
Blur 10

Paste hearttag4,resize 60%,paste stringflower2,resize 63/position/merge those 2 layers down/dropshadow.

Paste heartpin 2,resize 60%,using the eraser tool,size 10,erase small section of pin/dropshadow.

Add copyrights/name

Image/resize all layers 20%

Highlight your mask layer/layers/duplicate 2 times,should have 3 total/rename them mask1,mask2,mask3.

Highlight mask1,effects/eye candy 400/hsb noise
Hue Variation 25
Saturation 30
Brightness 40
Opacity 0
Lump width/height 14
pattern:Smooth Lumps
Random seed 1715
Repeat for mask2&3 layers,hitting random seed once on each layer.

Close mask layers 2&3/highlight layer 2/edit/copy merge/open AS,paste as new animation/hide layer 1/unhide and highlight layer 2/edit/copy merged/paste after current frame in AS/repeat for mask layer3.

Save as gif.
Hope you enjoyed my tut,would love to see your results.


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