Tuesday, March 30

I Cure All

Tube of choice,I am using PinUpToons,which you can purchase here,do not use unless you have a license to do so.

Templates are by Von at Soaring Hawks Nest,her medical series which you can find on her blog here. And if you like these,check here for lots more awesome creations! Thank you Von for the awesome templates!!

Eye Candy 4000 here.

Mask of choice,I am using mask 159 from Insatiable Dreams here.

Font of choice,I am using Monotype Corsiva,came with my psp program.
-This tutorial was written assuming you have working knowledge of PSP-

Dropshadow of choice for tut.

Open a new 600x600 white image/resize all layers 12%.

Open mask,minimize.

Open tube.minimize.

Open templates,minimize.

Activate blank image/paste tube/position/dropshadow/minimize.

Activate syringe template/hit shiftD to duplicate/close orginal/delete credit layer.

Image/free rotate all layers to the right 90 degrees.

Highlight and click on tube layer(syringe) with your magicwand/flood fill color of choice,I am using #b61a1d/deselect.

Repeat on handle layer using black for color fill.

Repeat on needle layer using Eye Candy 4000/chrome.

Repeat same on raster 3 layer.

Layers/merge/merge visible/edit/copy/activate working canvas layer/edit/paste as a new layer/image/resize 30%/position/dropshadow.

Activate first aid template/hit shiftD to duplicate/close orginal/delete credit layer.

Highlight and click on handle layer with your magicwand/flood fill color of choice,I am using black/deselect.

Repeat with first aid kit layer using color of choice,I used white.

Repeat with cross layer/using color of choice,I used #c00000/words I left as is.
Layers/merge/merge visible/apply same dropshadow/edit/copy/maximize working canvas/edit/paste as new layer/resize 50%/position.

Activate pills template/hit shiftD to duplicate/close orginal/delete credit layer.
Highlight and click on raster 2 layer using your magicwand.

Flood fill color of choice,I used #d2cfa0/deselect/click on edge of pill with magicwand/flood fill white/deselect/fill in white on gray line going through pill.
Edit/copy/paste to working canvas/resize 50%/position/dropshadow.

Highlight raster 4 on pills template/edit/copy/paste to working canvas/image/free rotate to the left 90 degrees/make sure all layers is unchecked/selections/select all/float/defloat/color fill of choice,I am using #c00000 again/deselect/dropshadow/resize 5%/position.

Hide white background layer/layers/merge/merge visible/unhide layer/layers/new raster layer/right click on new layer/arrange/move down/flood fill with color of choice,I am using black/right click on layer/new mask layer/from image/select mask/ok/layers/merge/merge group.

Repeat using #c00000 or color of choice.

Add copyrights.

Add name.

Layers/merge/merge visible.

Resize all layers 10%.

Hope you enjoyed my tut,would love to see your results and add it to my gallery :)


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