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FORE wordart here Thank you for the thumbs up :)

Tube of choice,I am using the gorgeous work of Keith Garvey,which you can purchase here,do not use unless you have a license to do so.

Von's template here. Thank you Von,love it!! You can download the template here until its removed,make sure to go to Von's blog and thank her for the template.

Font of choice,Ia m using Arial Black,came with my psp program

Open your template,hit shiftD,close the orginal.

Highlight raster1,flood fill white/effects/blinds/highlight raster4,flood fill color of choice,I used red #8d0909/dropshadow
Vertical 6
Horizonal 6
Opacity 66
Blur 12

Highlight raster5,flood fill black/effects/eye candy 4000/chrome/zebra/settings:
Bevel Width 45.00
Bevel Height 50
Smoothness 50
Ripple Thickness 0
Ripple Width 300.00
Bevel Placement
Inside marquee ckecked
Random Seed 1
Same dropshadow

Highlight raster6,flood fill #20200a/effects/textures/fine leather,settings:
Color the same as flood fill
Angle 27
Blur 11
Trasparnecy 203
Number of furrows 29
Lenght of furrows 6
Click ok

Highlight raster9/flood fill #20200a/effects/eye candy 4000/wood/settings:
Direction 90*
Ring Thickness 30.00
Cut Offset 10
Variation amount 10
Variation Roughness 30
color of choice or the one I used
Random seed 1
Click ok.
Resize 15%/position/dropshadow

Highlight raster10/resize 10%dropshadow.

Paste tube/position/dropshadow.

Highlight raster8,move below raster6/flood fill red,#8d0909/dropshadow.

Highlight raster 10/position/dropshadow

Highlight raster7/dropshadow/effects/muras filter meister copies
number 8
shift x&y 20
Angle 0
Rotation 0
Attenuation -100
Scale 100
Fade Out 100
BG Color Black

Layers/new raster/send to bottom/flood fill white

Layers/merge/merge visible

Image/resize all layers 22%

Add copyrights

Add name.


Hope you enjoyed my tut,would love to see your results.

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