Sunday, March 10

In All The Wrong Ways

 photo InAllTheWrongWaysMary_zpsc68d3dec.png
Tube of choice,I am using Zindy,which you can purchase here,do not use unless you have a license to do so.

Template 3 from Kaci&Deb here.

Filters:Graphics Plus,Tessela,Eye Candy 4000 and DC Pro Layer here.

Font is Silent Witness here.

Dropshadow of choice

Open template/hit shiftD to duplicate/close orginal/delete credit layer

Using flood fill tool we will fill in the template to match tube/select your colors to match yours or use same as mine

Highlight layer/selections/select all/float/defloat/on following:

Gradient halftone/leave as is/layers/duplicate 1 time/position

Blue rect/color black/deselect

Dotted line/color #f40cc0

Black rect leave as is

Purple rect/color #fbcefc/resize 3%/effects/graphics plus/panel stripes:
Density 32
Depth 130
Width 130

Pink Circle/color #dfc0e0/effects/funhouse/ring tile
Theta tiles 24
Rho tiles 13
Period 23

Circle frame and black circle leave as is

Dotted circle/color #e60e82

White circle/color #cba1a2/effects/texture effects/blinds:
Color #e8087b
Width 12
Opacity 20
Horizonal and light from left/top checked

Black rect/color/#8d3b8f/effects/eye candy 4000/HSB noise:

 photo HSBNoise_zps7bd76f94.png

Glitter frame rect leave as is

Wordart back/color #f010be/effects/dc layer/raise it:
Angle 225
Width 3
Highlight,shadow.image 100

Wordart leave as is

Apply dropshadow to layers

Highlight white circle layer/selections/select all/float/paste tube/position/selections/invert/delete/deselect/right click on layer/properties/change opacity to 60

Paste tube/position/dropshadow

Add copyrights.

Add name.

Layers/merge/merge visible.

Image/resize all layers 20%.


Hope you enjoyed my tut :)


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