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Tube from Rachel Tallamy,which you can purchase here,do not use unless you have a license to do so.

Scrapkit is Butterflies by Judith at Scrapz n Stuff here. Thank you for the beautiful kit!

Animation Shop

Mask of choice.

Font is Seasons Spring here.


Dropshadow of choice.

Canvas size:600x600(white)

Paste frame 3 as a new layer/resize 80%/click inside frame with magicwand/selections/modify/expand by 6.

Paste paper 5 below frame layer/selections/invert/delete/do not deselect.

Paste tube/position/delete/deselect/dropshadow.

Paste frame 2 below layers/resize 80%.

Click inside frame with magicwand/selections/modify/expand by 4.

Paste paper 4 below frame layer/resize 75%/selections/invert/delete/deselect/right click on frame layer/merge/merge down to paper layer/dropshadow.

Right click on frame 2 layer/merge/merge down/image/free roate to the right 30 degrees/dropshadow.

Paste ele 29/resize 70%/edit/repeat resize/layers/duplicate 1 time/position/dropshadow.

Paste paper 3 below all layers/apply mask.

Paste/position/dropshadow following:

Ele 5/resize 63%/edit/repeat resize

Ele 26/resize 75%/edit/repeat resize

Ele 22/resize 75%/edit/repeat resize

Ele 37/resize 77%/edit/repeat resize/layers/duplicate 1 time

Ele 36/resize 80%/edit/repeat resize

Ele 34/resize 85%

Image/resize all layers 20%.

Add copyrights.

Add name.(optional).

Layers/merge/merge visible.

Save as jpeg.

Open animation shop.

Paste tag as new animation/hit ctrl L to duplicate tag to 23 layers/edit/select all

Open butterflies/animation/mirror/animation/resize animation to 80w&131h(both optional)edit/select all/copy

Paste butterflies into selected frame/position.

Save tag as gif.

**To add name to blank tag,repeat steps like we did the tag to add the butterflies,copy/paste name from your psp program.

Hope you enjoyed my tut :)



Judith said...

Thanks for your interest in my Kit... love what you have done with it. Real great work.
hugs Judith

Mary said...

Your very welcome and thank you.awesome kit :)

Judith said...

thanks for using my Butterflies Kit and creating this wonderful tut. I love it.

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