Sunday, January 2

Wings Of Love


Tube of choice,I am using Rachel Tallamy,which you can purchase here,do not use unless you have a license to do so.

Scrapkit is Love Is In The Air from Clarey at Clarey's Designz here and you can purchase it here. This kit is gorgeous!! Thank you Clarey!

Template 128 from Bev at HorsePlay's Pasture here.

Font is Windsong here.

Dropshadow of choice.

Open template/hit shiftD to duplicate/delete credit layer.
First we are going to fill in the entire template:

Highlight dotted circles layer/selections/select all/float/defloat/open paper 10/edit/copy/edit/paste into selection/deselect/dropshadow.

Highlight and click on rectangle 1 layer with your magicwand/open paper 7/edit/copy/edit/paste into selection/deselect/dropshadow.

Repeat on center rectangle,left rectangle and right rectangle layers using same paper.

Highlight hearts 1 layer/selections/select all/float/defloat/paste paper 3 into selection/dropshadow.

Repeat on hearts 2 layer.

Highlight and click on rectangle 2 layer with your magicwand/open paper 7/edit/copy/edit/paste into selection/deselect.

Highlight center rectangle A layer/selections/select all/float/defloat/open paper 12 /edit/copy/edit/paste into selection/deselect.

Repeat on left A and right A layers with same paper.

Merge center rec A layer with left&right A layers/make sure rectangle layers are below these layers.

Highlight A layers/select all/float/defloat/paste tube of choice/resize if needed/selections/invert/delete/deselect.

Hide white background layer/layers/merge/merge visible/unhide layer.

Paste heart of hearts 1 below merged layers/resize 20%/layers/duplicate 1 time/dropshadow.

Paste/position/dropshadow following:

Heart&arrow/resize 50%/edit/repeat resize
Repeat with bear

Rose/resize 45%/layers/duplicate 1 time

Flower 3/resize 55%/layers/duplicate 1 time

Delete white background layer(optional).

Add copyrights.

Add name.

Layers/merge/merge visible.

Image/resize all layers 22%.


Hope you enjoyed my tut :)


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