Wednesday, January 27

A Walk In The Woods

Scrapkit is A Walk In The Woods from Deb at Deb's Designs here and you can purchase it here. Gorgeous kit,the fairies are awesome!! Thank you Deb!!

Font of choice,I am using Chopin Script here.

-This tutorial was written assuming you have working knowledge of PSP-

Open a new 600x600 white image/paste frame 3 as a new layer/resize 25%.

Click inside all frame with your magicwand/selections/modify/expand by 6.

Paste paper 12 below frame layer/resize 20%/selections/invert/delete/do not deslect.

Paste gazebo/position/delete/do not deselect.

Repeat with wagon 2/deseelct/dropshadow to gazebo&wagon:

Vertical 4
Horizonal 4
Opacity 52
Blur 5

Hide white background layer/layers/merge/merge visible/same dropshadow/unhide layer.

Paste leaf wreath below merged layers/position towards the left of the tag/layers/duplicate/image/mirror/image/flip.

Paste branch 3/resize 15%/position to the right of the tag/layers/duplicate/image/flip/image/mirror.

Paste bird 3/resize 50%/position/dropshadow:

vertical 5
Horizonal 5
Opacity 58
Blur 6

Repeat with mushroom 1.

Paste rockfern/resize 15%/position/same dropshadow.

Paste bow 3/resize 50%/edit/repeat resize/layers/duplicate 2 times/position/same dropshadow.

Repeat with butterfly 2.

Paste glitter 1/resize 50%/layers/duplicate 1 time/position.

Paste ruby 7/resize 35%/position/dropshadow.

Add copyrights.

Add name.

Layers/merge/merge visible.

Resize all layers 19%.


Hope you enjoyed my tut,would love to see your results.

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